A hot day on Playa de las Teresitas, Tenerife


Acrylic on canvas. Dimension: 100×70 cm. Year 2018

By Julita Tatyrza.

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Late afternoon. The sun casts long shadows on the still hot sand. People slowly gather to leave the beach. It’s time to go home. Tomorrow is another day of fun with coming waves and sundeck laziness in the shade of sun umbrellas.

As a artist I value the most unique style and originality. If this particular painting has taken your eye don’t hesitate and buy it. You will have an original artwork, one and only and I hope it will become for you an eye catching decor and will please you every time you look at it!

Artist retains all rights to artwork for reproduction, e.g. use the motive for other projects, commercial use etc. However I never do copies, your purchased artwork is the only one. For more details please visit the page Terms & Conditions.