Road to Teide, Tenerife


Oil on canvas. Dimension: 100×70 cm. Year 2019

By Julita Tatyrza.

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A trip deep into Tenerife. At one point, on the horizon, Spain’s highest peak, Teide (3715m). The higher we go, the colder it gets. Those who mocked our warm jackets and hats are now silent. A cosmic landscape, on both sides of the road. There is barren earth – a hard faded crust covered with stones. From time to time an ungrown bush struggling with strong winds and penetrating cold. Soon a 2 hour hiking to the top.

As an artist I value unique style and originality. If this painting has caught your eye, don’t hesitate to go for it. You will have an original piece of art, that no-one else will ever have.

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