Two bridges in Englischer Garten


Acrylic on canvas. Dimension: 50×70 cm. Year 2021

By Julita Tatyrza.

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Edges painted with the same tone as painting, no need a frame.

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Walking around Englischer Garten in Munich is always a pleasure. In the time of winter due to more silent and special colours everything look a little bit magical. In every part of the park you may find lovely small bridges above little water channels.

As an artist I value unique style and originality. If this painting has caught your eye, don’t hesitate to go for it. You will have an original piece of art, that no-one else will ever have.

Artist retains all rights to artwork for reproduction, e.g. use the motive for other projects, commercial use etc. However I never do copies, your purchased artwork is the only one. For more details please visit the page Terms & Conditions.